Why you need a website

Why you need a website

Just after I posted "Do you have a website?", marketing consultant Liz Gaige of Market Navigators sent along this great Q&A from her latest newsletter:

Q: I don’t have a Web site and I’m pretty busy as it is. Do I really need one?

A: A funny thing happened at the office last week…

No kidding, just last week a graphic designer came by to pitch me on his services. The first time he’d sent me an email, months before, I saw he didn’t have a Web site and basically chucked his info. Why?

Because in this day and age, not having a Web site is like networking without a business card. No matter how good you are, you lose a great deal of credibility without one.

If you’re serious about doing business and you want people to take you seriously, make the investment.

It doesn’t have to be fancy with a multitude of bells and whistles. It does have to educate visitors about your business and showcase why they should care.

And, particularly for retailers and restaurant, it also goes a long way to providing good customer service. (See main article.)

The graphic designer, it turns out, is actually pretty good and has a well-rounded portfolio. That’s something I’d never have known if he hadn’t been persistent in following up.

The lesson: if you think you can’t afford a Web site, the question you need to ask yourself is whether you can afford not to have one.

(c) 2006 by Liz Gaige, Market Navigators. All rights reserved.

I absolutely agree with Liz. I don’t even like to go to restaurants that lack webpages. I’d never hire a consultant who was without a place on the web.