Looking for a career change

Looking for a career change? Stop scanning the classified ads and start considering whether you’ve looked in all the right places for your career change. Have you considered creating your own career? Have you considered becoming a consultant? When looking for a career change, many skilled employees don’t stop to consider whether consulting could be the lucrative, exciting career they’ve been looking for.

If you’re looking for a career change now is  the perfect time to start thinking out of the box. What do you really want out of your career? What do you value? Perhaps working full-time outside the home works for you and your value system. But for many people, working as a consultant satisfies many unfulfilled opportunities, such as work/life balance.

When looking for a career change, it’s important to understand what you like about your current position and what you would change about your current career. If you’re looking for more excitement, more flexibility and more satisfaction, consulting may be for you.

Looking for a career change? Don’t take that next job until you’ve fully considered what’s important to you.

Think consulting might be what you’re looking for but not sure where to start? Consider checking out the Consultant Journal store, which includes links to products that help you determine which type of consulting business to start (for everybody or for moms in particular), how to set your consulting fees, and an online course that helps you jumpstart your consulting career.

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