Toyota Highlander ad series review

Toyota Highlander ad series — I’m posting the extended versions of several Toyota Highlander ads here.

On Tuesday on CBC Radio, I’m going to be discussing the Toyota Highlander ad series (audio link here) where the cute blond boy proclaims:

"Just because you’re a parent, doesn’t mean you have to be lame."

In advance, here are some clips of the Toyota Highlander ad series, which repeat that same tag line.

 Scatter Extended Version

Kid Cave extended version

Rolling Up extended version

Lost extended version

 Rockstar extended version


Squared Away extended version

Of course, Mazda had the "boy inside the man" thing going on seven years ago. Remember the zoom zoom boy, complete with suit and tie? Please forgive the video quality – I’ll replace it if someone sends along a better version.

8 thoughts on “Toyota Highlander ad series review”

  1. These commercials are disgusting and crass and should be immediately pulled. I think Toyota has demostrated absolute disregard for American values with these ads. Shame on Toyota! I say pull the ads, fire the executives making the decision to make them and issue an apology.

  2. These ads are offensive. A child should treat his parents with respect, a child is to be taught that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. A person who would spent that kind of money to impress an immature brat is not to be encouraged by adults, civilized or primitive. Shame on Toyota.

  3. Offensive, disgusting and crass. Since when do you allow snot nosed tweens to dictate what car you drive. Since when do you dress, your still growing child in a leather jacket and allow them not only to look but act like an adult and a spoiled, snobby one at that. These children will grow up and discover that life is not a commercial and will they ever be depressed. Who will give them everything they want then? Same on you Toyota.

  4. I hate these commercials.They make me want to puke. I purposely did not buy Toyota after this campaign started. First time in 20 years I did not buy Toyota. Eff you Toyota. You guys are lame.

  5. If you watch the second ad you will also note that they encourage people to ignore the road markings. At the end the Highlander drives straight in a left turn only lane. The parents are still lame.

  6. Purchased in Dec 2009. 17000 miles later, still loving it. Lots of room for our 2 dogs and camping gear in the back with seats folded down.

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