Marketing for counsellors – counsellors need marketing too

Marketing for counsellors may seem like an uncomfortable area for many people used to being in a helping profession. But counsellors can succeed with marketing based on their values, just like any other consultant or small business owner can.

Counsellors’ marketing needs

Counsellors and consultants are alike in that they need to determine their unique position in the market, work out the best way of connecting with clients, and then build a profitable, sustainable business. Word of mouth is key, but a good marketing plan can help you work out how to generate and sustain the power of referrals. Knowing what business would work for you and what your values are, planning your business, and setting fees are common to counsellors and consultants alike.

As with many licensed professions, counsellors also need to examine the rules and criteria set out by their professional associations. Of course, in reviewing your values, this also comes up.

If you’re looking to market your counselling business, the following articles may help:

Marketing tips