Put your name on your website

New consultants often put together websites to generate leads and provide an online presence for their business. But there’s a critical mistake that many new consultants make. They don’t put their names on their websites.

The reasoning behind this makes sense at first. When you’re new and striving to look credible, it seems better to build up your company’s name. But even major companies include the biographies of their CEOs, VPs, directors and other senior staff. And that’s when they have the credibility of years of business continuity, global branding campaigns and customer loyalty.

If you’re seeking to build your brand, you’ve got to realize that, as an independent consultant, that brand is you. People connect with people. Until you’ve built up your business, clients are going to turn to you for you — the unique value you can provide. Your skills, your experience, your personality, your status as an independent consultant. That’s what clients are buying. You. Plain and simple. So put your name and bio on your website.


1 thought on “Put your name on your website”

  1. Great Advice! I think its so easy for consultants and companies to become “we” but you always need one face that represents the company.

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