Write Your Business Plan Now

Write Your Business Plan Now – that’s the latest ebook from Consultant Journal. Back in the summer, I was coaching some people through their business plans and I realized that great books on business plans are few and far between.

So, in just a few days, I’ll be launching Write Your Business Plan Now. It’s a 129-page guide to writing a business plan, with details on how to complete each section. It will also include a Quick Start Guide for those who want to dive into writing their business plans right away – just fill in the blanks in the Microsoft Word template. I’ll also be including several Microsoft Excel templates that I’ve built to help you do things like your personal budget, personal financial statements and all the business financials, including cash flow, balance sheet, income statement and breakeven analysis. Everything you need in one package! It’s the biggest ebook I’ve ever put together. It applies to any kind of business – not just consulting.

You’ll be able to buy the book on your own — and I’ll also be offering it as part of the Consulting Start-up Course – even if you enrolled in the course before, this book will now be available to you.

If you’d like me to send you information when the new book launches, just send me a note.

3 thoughts on “Write Your Business Plan Now”

  1. This ebook is a great way to get started! I have to say that getting started with a business plan is really hard because you need to think about every little question that comes to you, but when it comes down to it I think that once you get started things get a little easier. I wish everyone good luck with getting started!

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