Finding ways to connect with new clients – Part 1

Finding new clients – read on for tips. In the next few weeks you can look forward to another series of articles on finding new clients for your consulting business. I will cover traditional approaches as well as not-so-traditional. Some of these ideas will be familiar to you. But I hope you also learn some new techniques that will help you build your client base and increase your business.

Before you decide on any approach, you need to identify your target market. Who do you picture as a prospective client? Age, sex and level of education are examples of questions you need to ask yourself. Will your clients be individuals or small businesses? Ask questions specific to your type of business.

So, create an ideal client profile – it will be an invaluable tool for finding new customers. Knowing your target market is a must-do before you start promoting your consulting business.

So get ready for a wealth of tips and tricks to help you connect with new clients!

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