Connecting with new clients – Part 2

Make yourself known!

Don’t miss an opportunity to make a name for yourself. Get yourself out there and introduce yourself. Attend business functions. Volunteer. Let people (future clients!) put a face to your name.

7 tips to promote your consulting business:

  1. Introduce yourself – make sure you network with associated businesses that can direct clients your way. If you’re a kitchen design consultant, meet with the local building contractors. Tell them who you are and what services you are offering, and ask them to recommend your services.
  2. Be a guest speaker – offer to share your expertise & knowledge at business conferences and seminars. Be engaging. Make your audience remember you!
  3. Teach a class – host a workshop at your community college or offer a series of night classes. Interact with your students.
  4. Get your name in print – write about your area of expertise and get yourself published. Local papers are a good start. If you can get published in a trade magazine, so much the better. Research online sites that will publish your article(s) or guest post on a business-oriented blog.
  5. Involve yourself with community – volunteer your time local organizations. Serve hot-dogs at a local ball game! This is an easy and fun way to meet people.
  6. Join the Chamber of Commerce – the Chamber of Commerce works to promote local businesses and offers valuable local business news and events.
  7. Join your local business association – business associations offer workshops, business lunches, guest speakers and much more. Make it a point to attend the meetings so you can network with other professionals.

You are your consulting business

You can see how important it is to get your name out there. When people meet you, or remember seeing your name in the paper, it gives you credibility and status. They will be more likely to hire you as their consultant or refer you to someone else. And that’s when you’ll start start noticing an increase in your consulting clients!

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