Government-funded small business loans

Government-funded small business loans can help you launch or sustain your small business. With government-funded small business loans, you may be able to secure financing when other more traditional lenders hesitate. In many cases, these loans come with special services, like business plan counselling, mentoring, courses, or workshops. Because of the additional support available from these programs, recipients of government-funded small business loans may actually find themselves better prepared to succeed than if they’d simply used a line of credit or (eek!) credit cards.

Finding government-funded small business loans

Here’s where to find more information on government-sponsored small business loans:

Expect the government or any lender to review your business plan, credit score, use of existing credit, personal net worth, home equity, bankruptcy history, personal qualifications for running a business, and your reason for seeking financing. Remember, you should always turn to a financial planner or accountant for advice — is just a general information guide. Good luck!

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