Lead qualification using lead scoring

Lead qualification can sometimes be a little trickier than simply getting answers to your lead qualification questions. It may help to try scoring answers, so that you can better prioritize leads

Lead qualification using a scorecard

Is there a budget for this project? (15 points)

  • Can the company afford not to take on this project? (5 points)
  • What are the dates and milestones for key decisions? (5 points)
  • What is this customer’s market position? (5 points)
  • What’s this prospect’s financial situation? (5 points)
  • Does the prospect understand the value of your solution? (15 points)
  • Does this prospect seem similar to others who have bought from you? (5 points)
  • Who has the power to make a purchase decision? (10 points)
  • Who has the power to approve the budget for this purchase? (10 points)
  • Who will influence decision makers for this project? (10 points)
  • How does this company make purchase decisions? (5 points)
  • What needs to happen before this project is approved by the top decision maker? (5 points)

Total: 100 points

Score the lead using the above questions. If the lead gives you a score of 85, you’ll know you should follow up more aggressively than with a lead that scores 25 out of 100.

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