Starting a consulting firm

Starting a consulting firm can become a reality. Have you always dreamed of starting a consulting firm? Stop dreaming and start planning. Soon enough you too can start a consulting company.

Starting a consulting firm can be broken down into a few key steps:

1. Choose your niche

Starting a consulting firm begins with a niche. What type of consultant will you be?

2. Choose your clients

The more specific your client base is the easier it will be to market your services. Choose your clients.

3. Set up your office

Whether you’re starting a consulting firm that’s home-based or out in the public eye, you’ll want a clear, clean place to work. Set up your office.

4. Start marketing

Starting a consulting firm means getting your name out there. Understand your market and start marketing your services. Want to know the secret to marketing your consulting company? It’s all about relationships.

5. Start consulting

Once you’ve landed your first client, do your best work. Pull out all the stops, because your existing and past clients are your number one priority. They will give you referrals and they could end up coming back to you again and again. Start consulting!

Starting a consulting firm can become a reality. Whether you’re planning on jumping in with two feet starting a consulting firm from scratch or whether you’d like to start slow and keep your day job, it can be done.

Are you looking for mentorship to help you get started? Consider registering for the Become a Consultant: How to Make the Leap course. With audio and written lessons, 25 exercises, discussion forums and more, you’ll have mentorship in your journey to consulting.

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  1. osefelepelo gaebolae

    want to start a consulting firm but I do not know where to start to ensure that the business is in operation in two years to come since I am still a student pursuing my Associate Degree in Business Management at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology(Botswana)

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