Types of consultants

Types of consultants – Think there are only just a few types of consultants? Well, think again! There are hundreds of types of consultants. Here at Consultant Journal, we have profiled numerous consulting niches, and we’ve only just scratched the surface!

Types of consultants can be broadly arranged into consulting sub-categories. Of course, some types of consultants can be grouped into more than one category, so be sure to check out all the categories if you’re looking at this list of types of consultants for inspiration on your journey to become a consultant.

1. Personal consultants

Personal consultants offer personal services to individuals, such as weight loss and fitness consultants, home staging consultants, clutter consultants, skin care consultants and wedding consultants.

Personal consulting tends to be easier to get into because there are fewer certification requirements.

2. Technical consultants

Technical consultants perform technical services for business. Quite often, these types of consultants are hired to execute a specific project or deliverable, rather than provide advice.

There are a wide range of technical consultants and they can range from graphic designers, IT consultants, grant writing consultants, online researchers, copywriting consultants, and more.

3. Business consultants

Business consultants provide advice to other businesses, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. There are numerous types of consultants in this sub-category, especially because many business require these services but do not require them enough to warrant hiring a full-time staff member. Thus, businesses turn to consultants to fill this need.

There are numerous types of business consultants, and some examples include marketing consultants, sales consultants, human resources consultants, restaurant consultants, and business development consultants.

4. Executive consultants

Executive consultants are a smaller group of consultants, and they tend to charge the highest fees. Some examples of executive consultants are legal consultants, labor relations consultants, conflict resolution consultants, jury consultants, medical consultants, and other highly skilled and highly trained consultants.

For even more ideas for consulting ideas, check out this list of types of consultants.

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