Finding new clients – part 6

Finding new clients — if you’re trying to build up your business, try generating leads through publicity. Since starting my consulting business, I’ve used publicity to find new clients and reassure existing clients.

In just a week or two, you’ll see me quoted in Money Magazine. And, just recently, I was quoted in the Fab Job Guide to Become a Consultant.  I’ve also been quoted in a textbook (albeit in the French language) and I’ve been interviewed by newspapers, magazines, national radio and even blogs.

Does it help? You bet. When I was featured in The Toronto Star, I got a flood of leads from companies from faraway places like northern Ontario and Lithuania — there’s no local marketing consultant, so I’m no further away than the next big city consultant. And getting your name in print always bolsters your credibility. It may even reassure clients that they’ve made the right choice in hiring you. In fact, I often encourage my own clients to include press clippings in their sales information packages.

So…get your name in print. It doesn’t have to cost anything and it can deliver great results.

1 thought on “Finding new clients – part 6”

  1. Great post! I hear this common theme among consultants that getting published is the best marketing. However, for someone new to consulting, it seems like a daunting task. Do you have any advice on how to get an article into print? Many thanks!

    Tony Rose
    www . suportanalytics . com

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