How to manage home office clutter

You may be asking this question as you stare at your disorganized desk: how to manage home office clutter? It isn’t as difficult as you might think. Just follow these few simple steps, and you, too, can have a clutter-free office space so that you can concentrate on the important stuff.

First of all …
Keep your desk clear
Items that are used daily stay on your desk (pens, notepaper). Less frequently-used items go into the desk drawers. Everything else can be stored elsewhere. The less on your desk, the better!
Keep your drawers organized
Remove everything not work-related. If you can’t use it for your home office, then it doesn’t belong in your desk.
Where to put it all?
File holders
A file folder system is the single most important item for your office. A file cabinet would be great, but cheaper alternatives exist. Any office store offers compact file storage boxes that will fit on or under your desk. Keep a current file holder by your desk; store dated files elsewhere.
All of your paperwork, documents, invoices, correspondence, insurance papers, contracts, envelopes, etc. should be place into files and stored in a file holder.
Stackable trays
Stackable trays will be your new best friends. These will hold anything from copy paper and note paper, to awkward items like staplers and calculators. The ability to stack the trays increases space.
Plastic containers
You can’t beat these for storing pens and pencils, staples, paperclips, tacks, and sticky notes.
Other useful items
Use elastics, paperclips, and small clips to bundle paperwork together for storage.
Be creative
A funky vase can hold pens and pencils. Search for colourful bins, boxes, trays, and other containers to hold your supplies. Check out craft stores rather than office supply stores for fun, yet functional, containers. How to manage home office clutter doesn’t have to be boring!
Time to get started
Now you’ve learned a few easy ways on how to manage home office clutter. Isn’t it time to reduce the clutter in your home office?  You may be surprised at the clarity and focus a tidy office can provide.

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  1. I use magazine holders, one per client. I keep these in my bookcase with a colorful post-it under each magazine holder. Works with 12″ or higher shelving.

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