Lead generating the old-fashioned way

Lead generating remains key to the success of your business. But, take a minute to step back from all the hype about generating leads through the web. There’s nothing wrong with generated leads the old-fashioned way. Here’s how:

Lead generating the old-fashioned way

  • Contact existing clients to see if they want to buy more or again
  • Ask for referrals from existing clients and contacts
  • Follow up with people who’ve previously expressed an interest in your services
  • Go to an event and make connections with people – get their cards, if they’re interested
  • Speak at events and make it easy for people to follow up with you
  • Run a contest or promotion
  • Carry out a direct mail campaign
  • Piggyback on another company’s ads or newsletter
  • Partner with a complementary company on a campaign
  • Offer reports and whitepapers to people who provide their contact information
  • Run your own ads
  • Start up a newsletter
  • Cold call

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