Consulting business ideas

Big data – the super hero consulting opportunity

Big data offers a world of opportunity for consultants. Despite the boring moniker, big data can help turn you into a superhero – imagine preventing diseases, deterring terrorism and fighting crime. Well, with big data, you can do that. Big data refers to data sets so huge that they defy management by tools like databases. It’s hard to capture, store, search, analyze, visualize, share and interpret big data. Figure out how to help people do any of those tasks and you’re in business.

Become a small business consultant

Become a small business consultant today and enjoy the benefits and freedom of being a consultant. What is a small business consultant? A small business consultant is an independent consultant who helps other small businesses thrive by offering advice and an outsider perspective. Here are the top questions about how to become a small business …

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Personal inventory – taking stock of yourself

Personal inventory taking a.k.a. taking stock of your unique attributes can help you determine your future in self employment. Your personal inventory can help you figure out how your skills, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, goals and interests all fit together. By getting a better sense of your personal inventory, you can figure out who you are and what …

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