7 ways to use the iPad 2 in your business

Are you considering whether the iPad 2 is a valuable investment for you and your business? In order to help you make your decision, here are 7 top ways to use the iPad 2 in your business:

1. Calendar/Email/Web browsing

Similar to smart phones, the iPad 2 has core functions that are invaluable to business: access to your calendar and email when out of the office. Similarly, the iPad 2 has the capability to browse the web. The iPad 2 is also available with 3G options, which means that you can connect to the internet without standard wireless internet access.

2. Photos/Videos

The iPad 2 actually has two cameras: one on the front of your iPad 2 and the other is an HD camera that’s located on the back. Learn more about using digital cameras in your business here.

3. Presentations / PowerPoint

Replace your bulky laptop wtih your iPad 2 for quicker set up. The adapter on the iPad 2 plugs into any TV set, computer monitor, or digital projector that’s equipped with an HDMI port. And with a battery that lasts up to 10 hours, odds are you won’t need to fumble with many cords or plugs.

4. Video conferencing

Use the iPad 2’s two cameras for quick and easy video conferencing. Running late for a meeting? Just join in through your iPad 2. Less travel time means more time to get work done.

5. Ebooks

Stay up to date and travel light by loading your iPad 2 with digital versions of useful books and often-referenced material.

6. Leverage apps for business

There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available for business use. From Roambi – Visualizer (automatically graph your business metrics) to SketchBook Pro (create beautiful graphics), there are business apps for every niche.

7. Wow factor

There’s no denying that the iPad 2 still possesses a wow factor that your clients and customers may appreciate. While "wow factor" alone is not a good reason for purchasing an iPad 2, it is a nice bonus.

If you’re considering whether to purchase an iPad 2 be sure to think about how these 7 ways to use the iPad 2 in your business will affect your business before making your decision.

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