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For the past while, I’ve been writing a job series called "Become a Consultant". Each time, I provide an idea for a kind of consultant you could become. I’ll continue to update this series on a regular basis. However, I wanted to invite you — my readers — to provide ideas for kinds of consultants you’d like to become. Remember, becoming a consultant is a great way to start working from home. If you want a second job where you’re in control, consider this exciting career path. If you’re really stumped for ideas, consider downloading my Discover Your Inner Consultant guide.

The story so far…

  1. Become a home staging consultant
  2. Become a mortgage consultant
  3. Become a clutter consultant
  4. Become a skin care consultant
  5. Become a legal nurse consultant
  6. Become a philosophic consultant
  7. Become a sports nutrition consultant
  8. Become a sales consultant
  9. Become a grant writing consultant
  10. Become a prenatal and postnatal fitness consultant
  11. Become a restaurant consultant
  12. Become an information technology (IT) consultant
  13. Become a Tupperware consultant
  14. Become an Avon consultant
  15. Become an online business backup consultant
  16. Become a social media consultant
  17. Become a Mary Kay cosmetic consultant
  18. Become a marketing consultant
  19. Become an online researcher
  20. Become a personal chef
  21. Become a weight loss consultant
  22. Become an art consultant
  23. Become a copywriting consultant
  24. Become a fitness consultant
  25. Become a wedding consultant
  26. Become a jury consultant
  27. Become a financial consultant (1) or (2) financial consultant
  28. Become a small business consultant
  29. Become an independent consultant
  30. Become an HR consultant
  31. Become a business consultant
  32. Become a graphic design consultant
  33. Become a CHRP consultant
  34. Become a tax consultant


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Andrea Coutu says:

Sounds like you’re ready to get out there and start doing some information interviews with people in your field. They’ll help you make sense of the local sitation.

Pragash says:

I am doing Masters in Food QHSE management. I will be doing an advanced masters in food quality very soon. I want to be a food quality auditor and do consulting in the future getting expertise with food quality norms. What is the scope in food quality consulting. Do I need to have an MBA to be an independent food quality consultant.

ozy says:

I will like to know about educational consulting i.e giving professional advice, counselling and placement as per schools abroad.

admin says:

Try looking for a fundraising consultant association.

brian turner says:

can some body help me get in contact with a company that does consultant work for non-profits?fundraising

Linda says:

How can a retired teacher, with a Masters Degree in school counseling, use these counseling skills as a school counselor consultant?

Andrea says:

Have you tried doing a personal inventory? Or do you mean that you’re not sure there is a market for your services, Linda?

Jenna says:

What about more information about work from home jobs? What other kinds of work can you do? Consulting is good too but I would like to know how to make the big bucks without leaving home. Show me the money!

Art McPhee says:

I like this series on kinds of consultants you can become but I would also like to more about the software and computer tools for consultants. I guess that is not what you asked but I’d like to see something on reviews of Quickbooks or DVD writers or whatever.

Lori S. says:

I love reading this blog for ideas but you have really run the gamut with some of these. Ha ha. Not many people would put skin care consultant and LNC in the same article. :)

How about a piece on implementation consulting?

Ariana says:

How about how to start a financial consulting business.

Alicia O. says:

Freelance writing, editing, technical writing, PR, etc.

Chad Kellers says:

IT consulting.

Jeena says:

I’d like to hear more about cosmetic careers.