Tips for new consultants

Tips for new consultants are invaluable. I’ve taken some time to round up some of my best tips for new consultants:

Getting started

When you’re getting started, there’s a lot to consider. How much money will you need to get started? Is consulting viable in your industry? Will you need to become certified? What about business cards? What about health insurance for the self-employed?  And should you be charging taxes? For more details, check out the becoming a consultant FAQ.

Choosing your niche

One of the best tips for new consultants is to get specific about what you can offer your clients. Here at Consultant Journal I’ve written over 800 tips for new consultants, and I’ve covered dozens of ideas for becoming a consultant, including:

  1. Become a home staging consultant
  2. Become a mortgage consultant
  3. Become a clutter consultant
  4. Become a skin care consultant
  5. Become a legal nurse consultant
  6. Become a philosophic consultant
  7. Become a sports nutrition consultant
  8. Become a sales consultant
  9. Become a grant writing consultant
  10. Become a prenatal and postnatal fitness consultant
  11. Become a restaurant consultant
  12. Become an information technology (IT) consultant
  13. Become a Tupperware consultant
  14. Become an Avon consultant
  15. Become an online business backup consultant
  16. Become a social media consultant
  17. Become a Mary Kay cosmetic consultant
  18. Become a marketing consultant
  19. Become an online researcher
  20. Become a personal chef
  21. Become a weight loss consultant
  22. Become an art consultant
  23. Become a copywriting consultant
  24. Become a fitness consultant
  25. Become a wedding consultant
  26. Become a graphic design consultant
  27. Become a life coach consultant
  28. Become a CHRP consultant
  29. Become an HR consultant
  30. Become an image consultant
  31. Become an environmental consultant
  32. Become a tax consultant
  33. Become a financial consultant
  34. Become a management consultant

I’ve also put together a comprehensive guide to help you Discover Your Inner Consultant: A Guide for Discovering What Consulting Business You Could Start.

Setting rates

Not sure what your consulting rate should be? Having a thorough understanding of what you need to charge as a consultant can mean the difference between just paying the bills and making an amazing living. Understanding consulting rates is key.

For all the inside scoop, take a look at Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants.

Marketing your business

I’ve written a lot about how to market your business and how to land new clients. Take a look at my five-part series, Finding New Clients.

Managing your clients

Once you’ve become a busy consultant, you may find yourself having to manage a wide variety of clients. And, yes, sometimes you’ll even be turning away work.

Work-life balance

And don’t forget the reasons you became a consultant in the first-place. Take care of yourself and your family, and make sure your work-life balance is appropriate for you.

These are just a few tips for new consultants. Good luck on your journey!